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Delivering exceptional educational experiences since 1940.

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We believe in liberating the innate greatness in people. In doing so, Bryan graduates are prepared with the knowledge and practical, productive skills that lead directly to professional careers. They are preferred by employers because they are dedicated, intelligent, immediately productive in the workplace, and pursue a lifetime of learning.

We are tightly focused, selective, and targeted having carefully researched the fields associated with each program.

We aspire to create learning environments which will transform the lives of the people we serve, enabling them to have a greater positive impact on their communities.

We strive to open the doors of knowledge and learning to those who are educationally disadvantaged.

We strive to engage in charitable and humanitarian efforts.


We provide an inclusive educational experience to our students, driven by a core belief that all students can succeed, regardless of their different life experiences, cultural backgrounds, economic conditions, attitudes and beliefs, or personal characteristics. This experience includes a disciplined focus on providing excellent learner support and continuously improving learner outcomes.

Our vision encourages an employment culture where each of our employees is valued and respected. We celebrate our diversity, recognizing that our differences make us stronger.

Our vision requires a long-term focus on organizational sustainability. To this end, we seek diverse revenue sources based upon our core competencies, while staying true to our mission and organizational values.

Our Core Values

Deliver Delight Every Time

We keep learner success at the center of every interaction to provide exceptional service and a delightful student experience.

Trust and Be Trusted

We act with integrity, empathy, and transparency, while assuming positive intent in each other’s communications and decisions.

Own It

We take ownership of our responsibilities and actions to students, staff, and faculty.

Win Together

We navigate challenges and celebrate successes together as a diverse, educational community.

Continuously Improve

As lifelong learners, we intentionally find opportunities to grow and evolve as individuals and as an institution.