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For graduates between January 1 and December 31 of 2023, your graduation ceremony updates will be available here soon!

Here's What to Expect

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Why: Buying a cap and gown is an excellent way for you to symbolize the achievements you have accomplished and display all the hard work you have put in!

What: Students are not required to wear caps, gowns, and tassels when participating in Bryan University's Commencement Ceremony but it is suggested. Regalia colors are as follows: Bachelor’s degrees should order black caps and gowns while Certificate and Associate degrees should order royal blue.

Where: There are two options -

  1. Order through Jostens
  2. Order through Amazon

When: Amazon orders can be done at any time prior to the Commencement Ceremony. Please keep in mind it takes 3 weeks to ship if ordering through Jostens, so plan accordingly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

2023 commencement will be virtual. Join us for a dynamic, engaging, and interactive ceremony.

“Pre-graduation orientation” is a supportive effort of the Alumni Association and graduation project team to provide an opportunity for students to connect and ask questions regarding graduation and commencement.

"Graduation" is the act of receiving a diploma or degree from a school, college, or university. Bryan University presents degrees and certificates to all students who have officially and successfully completed all graduation requirements.

"Commencement" is the ceremony to celebrate students who successfully completed all graduation requirements. Bryan University’s annual commencement does require an RSVP to participate.

StageClip is a company that specializes in creating stunning, personalized clips for your commencement ceremony! This allows you as a student to upload a video, photo, and personalized message/quote which will be displayed during the commencement ceremony. Click this link for a sample:

Graduates must meet all university graduation requirements per the student catalog in order to receive their diplomas timely. Please verify their name and address by clicking here.

You can order your online transcript for $7.00 through parchment by going to this link:

Be on the lookout for an email titled, “Important Graduation Information | Student Action Required” which will come from Bryan University’s Registrar’s office and please respond to that email received.

Please also feel free to contact the Student Affairs Department to speak with a Student Success Coach at 623-748-5345 or via email with any questions.

A student must have a GPA of 3.5 - 3.9 in order to be eligible for making the Dean’s List or a 4.0 to make the President’s list.

Caps and gowns can be ordered through Jostens website. You can access the Bryan University’s page here:

Please note: shipping takes roughly about 3 weeks to ship so please plan accordingly. If you miss the Jostens deadline to order, you can still order a cap and gown through Amazon.

Bachelors degrees: Please order Black
Certificate and Associate's degrees: Please order Royal Blue

Unfortunately, we do not offer class rings. However our colors are blue and white. Please locate an online or local retailer to purchase a ring.

When entering into the commencement ceremony, your graduation tassel should be worn on the right side of your mortarboard (your cap). After the reading of the names during the ceremony, you will be told at a specific time to flip your tassel to the left side of your mortarboard which is an acknowledgment of acceptance of your certificate or degree.

If you choose to purchase a graduation gown, here are a couple of quick tips:

Turn the gown inside out and use the “Warm” setting on your iron or use a steamer. If ironing, move the iron continuously; don’t stay too long in one spot, or you may burn your gown. Hang the gown after ironing to keep it wrinkle-free.

We Can't Wait to See You There!

Feel free to reach out to the BU grad team with any questions or comments you may have
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